Eye on Sight Promo II (October 2013)

More updates from the CCB’s 46th anniversary general meetings which were held in Barbados in July of this year. Delegates from across the Caribbean came together to discuss and approve the strategic direction of the organization. Among the very special guests were: The Honourable Freundel Stuart, Prime Minister of Barbados. This is a video-grapher’s snap-shot of some more of the highlights.

Eye on Sight Issue #10 – July 2013

In the July 2013 Issue of Eye on Sight we feature the following: Working Together in Guyana With a population of just under 800,000, approximately 30,000 adults and children in Guyana are blind or have low vision. The priority eye diseases include Cataract, Glaucoma, Refractive Error and Diabetic Retinopathy. For the Ministry of Health, Eye Care has been on the front burner for the past several years. The Caribbean Council for the Blind (CCB) through Eye Care Guyana has spearheaded several programmes which include the establishment of Vision Centres and the training of Refractionists and Optometrists at the University of …

Programme Highlights – Quarter 2: April – June 2013

1. Participation in the 50th International Conference on Fundraising of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) – April 7th – 9th, 2013: Venue: San Diego Convention Centre, San Diego, California, USA.[Pre-Conference Activities – April 5th and 6th, 2013]  Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP): The Association of Fundraising Professionals is the professional association of individuals and organisations that generate philanthropic support for a wide variety of charitable institutions. Founded in 1960, the AFP advances philanthropy through advocacy, research, education and certification programs. The Association fosters growth and development of fundraising professionals and promotes high ethical standards in the fundraising profession. …

Guyana Society for the Blind CXC Programme

{youtube}R22LiXkVGqw{/youtube} “I am totally blind, I have been totally blind since I was six years old, and I am enjoying these classes; they are very beneficial; I didn’t have the opportunity to write CXC before and now that this organization has afforded me this opportunity it’s one I ‘m so keen on taking advantage of.” – Leroy Phillips

From the Desk of the CEO – Arvel Grant [July 2013]

CONTINUING OUR QUEST FOR A CARIBBEAN, FULLY COMPLIANT WITH THE GOALS AND OBJECTIVES OF VISION 2020 THE RIGHT TO SIGHT ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA As we prepare to launch Eye Health Services in four Health Facilities across Antigua and Barbuda, CCB-Eye Care Caribbean awaits employment of four Refractionists and a complement of Dispensing Clerks, by the Ministry of Health. Several months ago, the requisite instruments of approval were delivered to the Ministry of Health by the Cabinet Office and we continue to expect that the employment of the required personnel is imminent. As soon as the employment processes are completed and …

Working Together In Guyana

{youtube}TGekIS10jVo{/youtube} “We have a bright future as far as Eye Care in Guyana is concerned and with the cooperation between Eye Care Guyana – the Ministry of Health is positioned to go to higher and higher heights”. With a population of just under 800-thousand, approximately 30,000 adults and children in Guyana are blind or have low vision. The priority eye diseases include Cataract, Glaucoma, Refractive Error and Diabetic Retinopathy.

Preparing to Give Sight

{youtube}1CkmftfWfO4{/youtube} “A lot of persons wonder how could a blind women teach someone how to read … what she did was ask my Aunt to write the letters of the alphabet on cardboard and ask my Aunt to teach me the letters……” An effervescent personality, outspoken, determined and a passion to succeed these are the words to describe Khohane Blake, a final year Optometry student at the University of Guyana.

Eye on Sight Issue #9 – April 2013

In the April 2013 Issue of Eye on Sight we feature the following: Blindness is My Blessing Ganesh carefully made his way up the staircase to the Cheddi Jagan Lecture Hall on the compound of the University of Guyana. He had only a few minutes to spare but was eager to update us on recent developments in his life. Two years ago Eye On Sight introduced you to Ganesh, he then told us how he lost his vision to Glaucoma twelve years ago and the struggles encountered, including depression that engulfed him for over five years. He then declared that …

Programme Highlights – Quarter 1 (January-March) 2013

Programme Highlights – Quarter 1 (January-March) 2013 During the period under review, CCB/Eye Care Caribbean, with the support of its Members and Partners, and despite many challenges, continued to execute its programme across the region. The following are some of the highlights: 1. Meeting of the CCB Project Management Committee The Project Management Committee, tasked with overseeing the implementation of the EC Project, “Delivering Vision 2020 in the Caribbean” held its annual face-to-face meeting during January 21st and 22nd, 2013 at the City View Hotel, in Antigua and Barbuda. The meeting was attended by Representatives from the Project Countries: Guyana, …