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World Sight Day Bulletin

World Sight Day 2011 provides an opportunity to reflect on actions necessary to: Prevent blindness and visual impairment; While restoring sight and creating equal opportunities to persons whose sight cannot be restored.

“As I write this brief message, I have no doubt that thousand of persons are becoming blind from one or more of the 5 leading causes of preventable blindness in the Caribbean: Glaucoma, Cataract, Diabetic Retinopathy – the group of conditions which cause blindness in children, and Refractive errors.” – Arvel Grant, CEO CCB/Eye Care Caribbean.

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Glaucoma Watch Bulletin

In an effort to inform and educate the populations of the Caribbean about Glaucoma, “the thief of sight” – Glaucoma Watch will keep you up-to-date with the latest information about Glaucoma symptoms, treatment and research in our region.

We will seek to clarify the myths and facts surrounding this disease and also offer hope through our stories of inspiration.

Feel free to communicate with us by e-mail or on our Facebook page. If you have questions, we’ll find the answers.

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World Health Day Bulletin

World Health Day 2011 focuses attention on the challenges involved in drug resistance. While this has immediate consequences for those battling
parasitic bacteria and viruses, the day holds equal significance to the almost sixty thousand persons who are blind across the English-speaking Caribbean.

In striving to prevent avoidable visual impairment and reduce the prevalence of incurable blindness, we face another kind of resistance.

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Social Inclusion Bulletin

Within his remit as Project Development and Advocacy Services Manager for CCB, Frank Bowen, developed this bulletin, to help define the Council’s programmes and focus, in the advancement of social inclusion and related activities and services.

In 2003, at the conclusion of a Workshop on Advocacy, Members of CCB articulated a number of “rights” to define their advocacy initiatives, over the ensuing years.

These rights include: The Right to Sight, The Right to Inclusive Services, The Right to a Livelihood & The Right to a Safe & Secure Environment.

Read More in the Social Inclusion Bulletin here:

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