About CCB Eye Care Caribbean

Since 1967 we have facilitated: Eye health services to more than one million persons across the Caribbean, helped more than a thousand children with blindness or visual impairment gain access to formal education and provided close to ten thousand adults who are blind, with training in adjustment to blindness techniques.

The Caribbean Council for the Blind [CCB], was established on September 24th, 1967 as a regional Not-for-Profit Organization comprising of Societies/Associations of and for the Blind throughout the mainly English-speaking Caribbean.

However, CCB now includes Associations from two Francophone countries, Haiti and Martinique. Initially, CCB operated out of Trinidad, but in 1980, the Secretariat or Administrative Office was relocated to Antigua. This new location, geographically, provided easier access to the territories of the Eastern Caribbean, Northern-Western Caribbean, North America and Europe.

In 1998, the role of CCB was expanded with the establishment of a subsidiary, The Foundation for Eye Care in the Caribbean, [Eye Care Caribbean], Incorporated. This Agency was charged with the responsibility of pursuing income generation/cost recovery ventures, which, in turn would provide additional resources for expansion and sustainability of Council’s programmes. Hence, the appendage, Eye Care Caribbean  CCB/Eye Care Caribbean. Eye Care Caribbean is represented in 3 countries: Guyana (Eye Care Guyana) Jamaica (Eye Care Jamaica) & St. Lucia (Eye Care St. Lucia)